THINKMD aims to be on the frontline of healthcare, in the hands of 50,000 users by 2026, facilitating over 250 million Quality Health Encounters (QHEs) by 2027.

The frontline of healthcare continues move to far beyond a doctor’s office, in the wake of health provider shortages, high costs and geographical restraints. The rise of digital health tools have facilitated this shift as parents, Community Health Workers (CHWs), pharmacists, school teachers and more are stepping up to be the health providers that their communities need. With limited resources, they are meeting patients and beneficiaries where they are.

These Frontline Health Workers (FHWs) are often the first point of care, well before a patient will visit a doctor.

THINKMD is committed to equipping the frontline of healthcare with the support needed to ensure that clinical quality does not suffer as they fulfil often live-saving roles. Since 2016, THINKMD has delivered clinical intelligence to this evolving frontline of healthcare so that users – no matter their level of clinical training – can perform Quality Health Encounters (QHE’s) that correspond up to 95% of that of a physician, so that better health decisions can be made and timely and appropriate care can be accessed.

250 in 5

For the next five years, we are focused on delivering clinical intelligence to 50,000 FHWs so that over 250,000,000 QHE’s can be performed.

We want to unlock clinical capacity in every role to:

  • Increase access to quality healthcare
  • Improve health outcomes
  • Reduce preventable disease

250 million QHE’s leads to billions of geo-tagged and time-stamped data points acquired, supporting:

  • Accurate and timely decision-making on a national or international scale
  • Disease surveillance
  • Population health modelling
  • Workforce and resource management

We are looking for additional partners to help us reach 50,000 FHWs in five years, enabling them to perform over a quarter billion QHEs every year.

We need implementers, practitioners, funders, technology partners, advisors, connectors and advocates on this journey.

We are delivering clinical intelligence to the evolving frontline of healthcare.

Will you join us?

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250 i n 5