After 18 months of dedication and hard work by our clinical and engineering teams, Version 5.0 of THINKMD’s clinical intelligence platform was released in May, expanding the scope to include clinical risk assessments for the adult population and featuring a new and improved user interface. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch the demo by clicking the phone below or navigating to the demo here.
“I’m really proud of our team for how we’ve tackled developing the latest version of our technology,” says Bryan Boudreau, THINKMD’s Engineering Lead. “In developing V5, we combined two major development efforts into one release: Expanding clinical coverage to include adults and a complete updating of the UX/UI of the entire application. It’s a testament to our team and culture that we can deliver high quality results on a predictable timeline.”

Bryan explains that from an engineering perspective, the updates involved several layers of work including optimizing the codebase, updating the clinical logic and preparing the background system stack to support the new V5 features. He adds, “Expanding the adult track took many months to develop because it involved almost all of the teams within THINKMD. The UI/UX also needed careful attention to ensure that the new look, feel and images were clinically correct as well as compatible with our supported devices.”

Sophie Foreman, UX Engineer at THINKMD, says, “While computer and smartphone applications are, of course, a way to deliver healthcare more widely, it can also be a barrier in and of itself because using technology requires its own skillset and background knowledge and not everyone has that. By improving usability and making our application more intuitive, which is one of our main focuses for V5, we aim to create a tool that most people can use and understand regardless of their tech skills, training, or medical knowledge. This will put our clinical logic into the hands of many more people and empower them to become more informed about their health.”

Director of Product, Maeghan Orton, says, “When we consider the potential impact of clinical intelligence on patient outcomes, the latest version of THINKMD is a comprehensive step towards whole community health. Frontline health workers are now able to conduct fully offline clinical assessments to understand the risks of the patients in front of them, making informed decisions in care for the individual. We are excited to continue to deliver high-quality, high impact tools to improve health globally.”

Nick Donowitz, Chief Strategy Officer says, “Adding coverage of adults opens up the rest of the population to THINKMD, expanding where our technology fits and the partners that can put it to good use.”
Already being used in Cambodia and Nigeria, the release is a significant milestone for THINKMD, supporting over 400 clinical risk assessments and will ultimately lead to better outcomes for partners and their programs.
Watch the demo here.
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