Global Health Open Mic

15 September 2022

THINKMD’s next Open Mic will take place on 15 September 2022, focusing on The Journey of Digital Health Adoption for implementing healthcare-delivery organizations. Speakers will share five minutes of insight into their digital health adoption journey, what worked and what didn’t, challenges and what is needed in the space for a smoother road to implementing and adopting digital health solutions. There will be open discussion to explore how digital health technology decisions are made, especially when those making the decisions around digital health tools are not necessarily the users themselves, emceed by Bobby Jefferson.

THINKMD hosts a series of opportunities to provide an accessible platform for global health dialogue, in the from of Virtual Open MIC events. No long presentations, no text-heavy slides; this is short, sharp and to the point with expertise and thought leadership at the forefront. This is a forum for all voices on important and challenging global health topics, from the individual beneficiaries and frontline health workers to the content experts and leaders. THINKMD’s role? Simply to help facilitate dialogue.

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