In a major step forward for healthcare in Kenya, THINKMD, Save the Children Kenya Country Office and the Ministry of Health Sub-County Madagascar Country Office have partnered to build a comprehensive data interoperability system. This will enable the transfer of key population health data indices captured through THINKMDs clinical intelligence and data analytics platform to the Kenya Ministry of Health Health Information (KHIS) DHIS2 population health monitoring and evaluating systems. 

This new data interoperability system allows for simple, seamless data transfer of key health and clinical information between Save the Children Kenya’s child health programs and the Kenya Ministry of Health KHIS-DHIS2 platform. This will expand Kenya’s MOH capacity for monitoring key population health indices, supporting strengthened healthcare delivery and better health policy decisions.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Save the Children Kenya office and the Kenya Ministry of Health and Madagascar County office to build this valuable THINKMD health data interoperability system,” said Chris Powell, CEO of THINKMD. “This is an important step forward in our mission to improve healthcare access and outcomes, facilitating an integrated approach to healthcare data across countries.”

“Save the Children’s programs in Kenya aim to improve child health and nutrition, as well as support maternal health and child protection,” said Dr Abraham Afeworki, Health Technical Specialist for Save the Children. “We have worked with THINKMD since 2017 to utilize its clinical intelligence and data analytics platform at the frontlines of healthcare. By developing this important data interoperability system with KHIS-DHIS2, we are able to work more closely with the Kenya MOH to collect and monitor health data, which hopefully means that this technology will be scaled up to other sub counties in the area.”

“We need to embrace and engage with innovation; digital health needs to be put in place so that healthcare can be accessed,” said Dr. Asma Awadh, Sub-County Medical Officer of Health, Kenya

Dr Barry Finette, co-founder of THINKMD said, “Our aim at THINKMD is not only to give a variety of users access to physician-based knowledge and skill sets, but for the data gathered to be leveraged for data-driven decisions and solutions with respect to monitoring and evaluation, population health and disease surveillance, leading to better public health policy decisions. This is an important step towards that.”

THINKMD’s data team looks forward to supporting this type of data interoperability across THINKMD partnerships and programs.

WATCH: See what the THINKMD and Save the Children Kenya partnership looks like.