In alignment with its commitment to improving healthcare access and outcomes for people around the world, THINKMD has reached one million clinical encounters through its partnerships across 10 countries.

THINKMD’s clinical intelligence platform supports any user at the frontline of healthcare in performing a Quality Health Encounter (QHE) that correlates up to 95% to that of a physician so that better health decisions can be made and timely and appropriate care can be accessed. The platform is utilized by programs across the globe, including Save the Children, Healthy Learners, Alight, Goodlife and Integrate Health. Within these programs, a variety of users are equipped with clinical capacity, including community health workers, school teachers and pharmacist technicians.

THINKMD: Better Decisions. Better Data. Better Health.

Each time a user at the frontline of healthcare performs a clinical encounter, THINKMD acquires geo-tagged and time-stamped data points that support accurate and timely decision-making on a national or international scale, facilitating syndromic surveillance, population health modeling and workforce and resource management. This data can improve health systems on a global scale.

“Reaching one million clinical encounters is a significant milestone in our mission and one we are proud to announce,” said Chris Powell, THINKMD CEO. “One million Quality Health Encounters means one million opportunities to improve health outcomes and reduce preventable disease across the communities we serve.”

By 2027, THINKMD aims to be in the hands of 125,000 people at the frontlines of healthcare, facilitating over 250 million Quality Health Encounters each year.