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Better decisions.
Better data. Better health.

We believe that all people should have access to quality healthcare.

THINKMD is dedicated to making this a reality for everyone, everywhere through innovative digital health solutions.

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Better Decisions

When someone is sick, making accurate healthcare decisions is critical.

Healthcare professionals provide this expert guidance, but getting access to their care at the right time is often difficult or not possible.

THINKMD’s technology places physician-based decision logic into the hands of anyone. Our technology helps any user identify how sick a person is, what illness they may have and what next steps to take. Validation studies have demonstrated that THINKMD’s clinical assessments and triage recommendations correlate up to 95% with healthcare professionals

Placing physician-based decision logic into everyone’s hands has the potential to dramatically expand healthcare capacity and access as we know it.

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Better Data

THINKMD technology acquires important health data that leads to better healthcare decisions and ultimately leads to improved individual, community and population health.

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Better Health

Our mission is to develop solutions that lead to improved health outcomes.

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Increase in Clinical Compliance


Increase in Healthcare Seeking

THINKMD’s technology footprint is rapidly expanding with global partnerships to improve capacity and access to quality healthcare, everywhere.

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