Our Solutions

THINKMD’s mission is to transform global digital health at the frontlines of care with clinical intelligence and analytics to enable better decisions, better data and better health.

Better decisions: how our “clinical intelligence” works

THINKMD’s digital “clinical intelligence” technology transforms how a doctor “thinks” onto a simple-to-use digital platform. This allows anyone, anywhere to perform a quality integrated clinical risk evaluations to determine if a patient is sick, how sick the patient is, what is/are the most likely causes and then use this information to generate patient specific triage, treatment, and care plan recommendations.

Thinks  like a doctor

THINKMD employs a machine learning-based Bayesian approach that:

  • Interprets and analyzes key clinical data points acquired by end users
  • Utilizes a dynamic weighting and tolerance scoring system of the clinical data against normative values for a range of clinical conditions and diseases
  • Operates the same way a physician assesses a patient in a conventional clinical evaluation
We currently distribute our digital health solution via a progressive web application that works on and off line. The application is configurable with one code base for multiple end-user types and is currently being used in 10 countries by the following end users:

  • individuals and families
  • community health workers
  • school teachers
  • pharmacist and pharmacy staff
  • nurses
  • doctors

THINKMD walks each implementing partner through the integration of the technology and analytics in their healthcare workflows, offering training, support and expertise to ensure that implementation is successful.

Better data: facilitating data driven solutions

Our clinical intelligence platform collects real-time, unique end-user, program, clinical and population health data sets across communities and geographic regions. These data sets are actionized to be used by our implementation partners for:

  • KPI monitoring
  • User and Program monitoring and evaluations
  • Population health monitoring
  • Disease Surveillance
  • Predictive modeling
  • Health and behavior change intervention
  • Research and development

A complete and simple-to-use clinical intelligence and data analytics health and evaluation platform.

A complete and simple-to-use clinical intelligence and data analytics health and evaluation platform


The physician-based Bayesian algorithms have been scientifically-validated to correlate up to 95% of a physician’s assessment. Use of our platform has been proven to increase adherence to WHO clinical guidelines by 40-60%.


scientifically-validated clinical correlation to the assessments of health professionals



increased sustained adherence to WHO's guideline recommendation


THINKMD’s interoperability & integration landscape

THINKMD’s technology and data solutions are HL7-FHIR-based, making the platform integration-friendly with a variety of complementary digital health technologies. Designed for interoperability and integration, THINKMD’s technology and data offering supports a flexible digital landscape of an expanding list of third-party tools, including:

Google Health Cloud Platform

Better decisions. Better data. Better health.

Learn more from THINKMD Co-Founder, Dr. Barry Finette.