THINKMD’s COVID-19 Screening & Education Tool

THINKMD has released a COVID-19 screening and educational tool that guides users through a COVID-19 self-risk assessment. It is based on the latest published peer-reviewed WHO and CDC clinical data on presenting signs, symptoms and risk factors. Each personal assessment determines if an individual has none, some or many of the clinical symptoms and presenting features associated with COVID-19.  The tool also provides an individual with WHO and CDC educational information on how and when to seek medical care, and recommended protective and preventive measures.

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This tool is a progressive web-based application that is functional on any desktop, tablet or mobile smartphone. It is soon be available via SMS/USSD for feature phone users to ensure widespread global distribution. It is fully functional offline for use by health organizations in areas with limited connectivity. THINKMD is offering the tool completely free of charge.

The goal of this tool is provide individuals a personal COVID-19 triage and pandemic educational tool in order to decrease the burden on healthcare delivery systems and to increase healthcare capacity where it is most limited. The tool acquires critical time-specific population health and epidemiology data for disease surveillance analysis that can provide health ministries and international health agencies essential data for developing and monitoring response strategies to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and to maximize appropriate testing and healthcare delivery to those who need it the most.

Another key differentiator of THINKMD’s COVID-19 screening tool is that it is dynamic and will be updated and expanded as new clinical and public health data is acquired and as country specific health ministries and international aid agencies update their response, guidelines and recommendations as the pandemic progresses globally.

The tool is available in an expanding list of languages – currently, it is available in: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, and Bengali.

We are working to distribute this tool as rapidly and as widely as possible.

If you or your organization is interested in using this tool, please access it by using the start button below or by simply pasting this URL into your browser:

Click above to launch THINKMD’s COVID-19 tool

If you or your organization is interested in helping us distribute this tool, please reach out to us at

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