School Health

The education-health model has the potential to revolutionize primary healthcare for school-aged children, positioning schools as the first step in a school-aged child’s health journey, while keeping them healthy and in school. THINKMD’s clinical intelligence and data analytics tool is used by school personnel, such as school teachers, to offer triage, treatment recommendations, care plans and referrals to students, meeting them where they are – at school.

Regardless of the clinical skill of school personnel, THINKMD’s platform can be used on or offline to identify how sick a child is, what illnesses they may have and what appropriate next steps to take, correlating up to 95% to that of a clinician. This erodes barriers to care that school children often experience including language, transportation, parental permission/resources and cost, and helps them receive primary healthcare sooner than if they waited to go to a clinic or doctor’s office. Data collected enables epidemiologic and outbreak surveillance across networks of schools and communities, while disaggregated data enables customized performance reports and monitoring and evaluation for school systems.

Research shows that children who have access to school-based health centers are:

  • 40% less likely to be hospitalized than children who do not have access to school-based health centers
  • 25% less likely to miss school due to illness
  • More likely to receive preventative care (vaccinations, screenings)
  • More likely to score higher on standardized tests

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