Workforce Health

By offering access to healthcare in places of work, health health and wellbeing can be significantly improved, impacting productivity and morale while reducing turnover and absenteeism. THINKMD’s clinical intelligence and data analytics tool is used in workforce clinics, supporting triage, treatment recommendations, care plans and referrals for workers, without them needing to first access a health clinic.

THINKMD’s platform can be used on or offline to identify how sick a person is, what illnesses they may have and what appropriate next steps to take, correlating up to 95% to that of a clinician. This erodes barriers to care that individuals often experience including language, transportation, resources and cost, and helps them receive primary healthcare sooner than if they waited to go to a clinic or doctor’s office. Data is collected seamlessly at each assessment, while easing time constraints and reducing data-entry errors associated with paper-based data collection. The data can be analyzed for critical insights into clinical staff and factory management, supporting the improvement of workforce health and work healthcare services.

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