Clinical Intelligence for Caregivers and Mothers

In partnership with Mondia Media via Vodacom

In South Africa, telecommunications provider Vodacom Group connects caregivers and moms to THINKMD clinical intelligence technology via a Mum & Baby SMS service and health platform. Caregivers can assess the health of their children and pregnant and new mothers can assess their own health before and after pregnancy.

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The number of those surveyed who said they’d taken action to care for themselves or their child while having access to the Mum & Baby health platform. View Report.

The challenge

In South Africa, there are 1.2 nurses for every 1,000 people, with over 4,000 mothers losing their lives to complications during pregnancy and childbirth each year and 23,000 babies never making it to their first birthday.

Lack of access to official health information is a challenge.

the challenge south africa

The partnership

the partnership south africa

Vodacom, a telecommunications provider and the South African-based subsidiary of Vodafone, bridges the health information challenge by offering a Mum & Baby service, which sends free health information by SMS three times a week to mothers, caregivers and partners, to 1.2 million subscribers.

Mondia Media partnered with THINKMD in 2019 to integrate clinical intelligence technology into the Vodacom Mum & Baby health platform, allowing parents and caregivers to access information about the health of their children for key diseases and conditions such as pneumonia, diarrheal disease and dehydration, and for pregnant and new mothers to assess their own health before and after pregnancy.

What the clinical intelligence looks like

A clinical assessment, available via the Mum & Baby health platform in both English and Zulu, which enables caregivers and moms to perform accurate, clinical assessments for themselves, their newborns and children under 5.

Vodacom generates real-time, geo-tagged data with each assessment, generating a powerful digital data set on the health of moms, babies and children across South Africa.

clinical intelligence south africa