Clinical Intelligence for Health Providers

In partnership with Save the Children International Kenya

In Kenya, frontline health workers through Save the Children International (SCI) use THINKMD technology, digitizing assessment and treatment processes for the health provider workforce and improving quality of healthcare delivery for newborns and children under 5.


Population covered

Age group

children / newborns assessed

health providers trained to use clinical intelligence technology


increase from baseline of adherence to clinical protocol


of patients with a “severe” diagnosis treated*

*Data from Spring 2020 to mid-2021

The challenge

More than half of Kenya’s population are children. Despite the progress that has been made, high levels of inequality exist which prevents millions of children from surviving and reaching their full potential. Stunting and neonatal mortality remain prevalent health challenges, while children struggle to access quality education and one in three girls experience sexual violence before their 18th birthday.

the partnership health providers kenya

The partnership

The challenge health providers kenya

Since 1950, Save the Children International has been working across Kenya through development and humanitarian programs, working with communities, local partners and the government to design and deliver programs to meet the needs of the most deprived children. SCI Kenya also advocates for greater investment of public and private resources for children.

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In 2019, SCI Kenya adopted THINKMD’s technology for use by private and public health care providers in order to digitize the workforce and to improve quality health care delivery for newborns and children under 5.

What the technology looks like

A mobile application, available on mobile phone or tablet, powered by clinical intelligence technology, which enables health providers to perform accurate, clinical assessments for newborns and children under 5.

Technology users generate real-time, geo-tagged data with each assessment and follow-up, generating a powerful digital data set on the health of newborns and children. Aggregated data enables epidemiologic and outbreak surveillance while disaggregated data enables customized reports.

clinical intelligence health providers kenya

The results

The technology has been implemented in selected health facilities in Kibra informal settlement , including public, private, chemist and non-governmental and faith-based clinics , with a Net Promoter Score of 91. Save the Children collaborated with the Kenyan Ministry of Health in implementing the project, which has shown to improve healthcare delivery in one of the largest informal settlements in Africa.

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