Clinical Intelligence Technology for Pharmacists

In partnership with Goodlife Pharmacy

In Kenya, Goodlife Pharmacy uses THINKMD clinical intelligence technology in 37 pharmacy stores to offer mom and baby clinical health assessments.


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Children under 5

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The challenge

Eighty percent of people in East Africa will first access their pharmacy for healthcare and guidance – a professional and trusted health service option that is often more affordable, closer to reach and less taxing in terms of waiting times. Pharmacies have an opportunity to meet this need by equipping themselves with the skills and tools to offer clinical guidance and support.

Goodlife The challenge

The partnership

goodlife pharmacy

Goodlife Pharmacy partnered with THINKMD in 2021 to ensure that their pharmacy stores can offer moms and their babies in-store clinical assessments, providing them with accurate and trusted guidance and information so that they know whether or not they or their baby is sick, what are the risks, what medication they may need as well as if they should be referred to a doctor or a nurse for further assessment. Moms can also get support via the Goodlife WhatsApp number 0715-703-000. In a collaboration with My Health Africa, moms can also book an in-person or telehealth appointment with a doctor via the clinical assessment platform should they need it.

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What the technology looks like

A mobile application, available on a tablet in-stores or via the Goodlife Pharmacy website, powered by clinical intelligence technology, which enables moms, with the support of pharmacy technicians and store managers, to perform accurate, clinical assessments for themselves, their newborns and children under 5. The application also links to a telehealth service via MyHealth Africa, where a doctor’s appointment can be booked.

Goodlife Pharmacy generates real-time, geo-tagged data with each assessment, generating a powerful digital data set on risk assessment and triage.

What the clinical intelligence looks like

“Our pharmacists will now have the skills and tools to support moms and babies so that they can make informed healthcare decisions thereafter.”

– Amaan Khalfan, Goodlife Pharmacy