A note from THINKMD CEO, Chris Powell

We are currently living a paradoxical reality. As the USA comes out of Independence Day celebrations, two-thirds of Ukrainian children have been forced to flee their homes since February 2022. While the situation constantly evolves, over 8 million refugees have fled the country, with over half of them escaping into Poland. Save the Children reports that it is “the fastest and largest displacement of people in Europe since World War II”. For children, this means risk of being separated from their families, of sexual exploitation and abuse, of gender-based violence and of human trafficking.

THINKMD is committed to enabling better decisions, better data and better health, but global health does not exist in a vacuum. It is interlaced with all other aspects of life including work, family and community. As research shows, “Absence of disease is not enough – the life situation as a whole must be taken into consideration.

If you’re invested in global health, then you’re invested in a world where children do not suffer. In this complex crisis, upholding the health and wellbeing of those impacted is paramount. We stand by the many organizations, including our partners like Save the Children, who are working tirelessly to support Ukrainians and many vulnerable populations around the world.  

We have included some resources for our partners and friends, including ways to donate or offer services, ways to contribute and links to global organizations hiring in response to the Ukraine crisis. For those working to respond to this crisis, we salute you.

Save the Children Canada on Twitter: "The hostilities across #Ukraine are putting 7.5 million children at risk. No child should have to grow up in violence. #Stopthewaronchildren Click here to support children

Credit: Save The Children