THINKMD’s clinical intelligence and data analytics platform launched in two factories in Cambodia on 1 May in a six-month pilot, with the goal to support VF Corporation’s Worker and Community Development (WCD) Program, which works to help establish safe, stable working environments in factories producing VF’s products, while simultaneously improving the lives of those in local communities beyond its factory walls.

The latest version of THINKMD’s platform, which now covers the adult population, will be used by frontline health workers in on-site factory clinics, enabling high quality clinical assessments for factory workers. Eamon Penney, THINKMD Implementation Lead and Barbra Marden, THINKMD Partner Success Lead were joined by Jens Aas and Lada Long from VF Corporation for the initial platform deployment. Members of CARE Cambodia were also present, supporting THINKMD in the training and monitoring of the platform. 

“It has been a very positive experience coming back to Cambodia, this time with a clinical intelligence and data analytics platform that can be used in the factory clinics. Both factory management and clinic staff seem very enthusiastic, and have been very hospitable,” said Marden. “Within a few days of use, we are seeing some clinical encounter records being generated through the platform.”

Penney commented, “Project partners are excited about THINKMD’s ability to improve the quality of care at the provider-patient level, but also to have the monitoring and evaluation infrastructure in-place to be able to assess the effectiveness of other public health initiatives such as health education, outreach, and worker safety.” 

Each time a person is assessed, THINKMD collects a unique data set of real-time clinical risk across a population. The rapid actionability of THINKMD data for critical clinical and population health inquiries is expected to improve health outcomes for factory workers and offer insights to clinic staff and factory management – a powerful function that most case management/EHRs lack. Data-entry errors and time constraints associated with paper-based data collection should also be significantly reduced.

Learn more about THINKMD and VF Corporation’s partnership here.