Children and adolescents make up about 25% of the global population, but they account for 40% of all preventable deaths. A number of barriers exist for school-aged children to access healthcare including language, transportation, parental permission/resources, system barriers and cost. Children who are sick are more likely to miss school, have difficulty concentrating and learning and experience emotional and social problems.

Organizations across the globe are finding ways to keep children healthy and in school, revolutionizing the education-health model. Schools and school teachers are becoming the primary healthcare providers that their communities need.

On 2 August, experts from around the world will come together to share thoughts and insights on this critical topic. They include:

Alick Banda

Alick Banda, school teacher at New Chunga School, Healthy Learners, Zambia

Arnab Paul

Arnab Paul, CEO & Founder of Patient Planet, India

Gina Andrea Muñoz

Gina Andrea Muñoz, Colombia Country Director, Catch Foundation, Colombia/USA

Sarah Tembo

Sarah Tembo, Regional Manager, Healthy Learners, Zambia

Dr Kim Jonas

Dr Kim Jonas, Specialist Scientist, Health Systems Research Unit, South African Medical Research Council, South Africa

Moderated by Professor David Birch, author of Leveraging the Health Education Connection

Professor David Birch